Montecatini Terme

Montecatini Terme Hotel, three words for the convenience of visiting Tuscany. It’s connection to the heart of Tuscany, the centuries-old tradition of hospitality, and the presence of wide open leafy parks makes Montecatini Terme (m 29, pop. 19,000) the ideal place to stay for a spa treatment, to seek a sense of well-being, and the possibility of relaxation and entertainment and to visit the cultural centres of Tuscany.

The town, initially called Bagni di Montecatini, was born out of the good will of the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo d’Asburgo Lorenza, enjoying a particularly happy period between the end of the 1800’s and the first three decades of the 1900’s, and has been until the present day a place that attracts a national and international clientele.

Among those who’ve enjoyed the beneficial effects of the waters at Montecatini Terme are Giuseppe Verdi, Gioacchino Rossini, Giacomo Puccini, Enrico Caruso, and Arturo Toscanini.

The Italian political world, film stars and famous sporting figures have all visited Montecatini Terme: from Robert De Niro and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Marcello Mastroianni, Giulio Andreotti, Cesare Prandelli, Silvio Berlusconi, Angelino Alfano, Giancarlo Giannini, Matteo Renzi and Raoul Bova and many others.

More recently, Montecatini Terme has been discovered by VIPs from eastern Europe and Russia: Svetlana Medvedeva, once the first lady and wife of ex-presidente Dmitri, ‘Miss’ Sofia Rudyeva, Sergey Bozhenov chose Montecatini Terme for their holidays.

Montecatini Terme is truly an explosion of the joy of living.

One of the first things that strikes visitors is its greenness. Immense parks and flowering gardens welcome the visitor.

The apartment buildings themselves are a living floral expression. Montecatini Terme is in fact considered to be the capital of the Liberty style in Italy, an artistic current present in many public and private buildings.

Many are a testament to one of the greatest interpreters of the style: Galileo Chini.

Immerse yourself in the elegant atmosphere of the Belle Epoque starting from the Piazza del Popolo progressing along the Viale Verdi that opens in front of you. During this walk, just 5 minutes from the SmArt Hotel Bartolini, you can admire the Locanda Maggiore, the doors of Gambrinus, the Palazzo Municipale (Town Hall) with its splendid stained glass, the Padiglione Tamerici, and the ex-casino and grand caffè which is now the Excelsior Spa.

In the leafy park at the heart of the city one can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of three of the spas, Terme Leopoldine, Terme Torretta and Terme Tamerici. At the end of the avenue rises the imposing façade of the Terme Tettuccio: the peak of architectural beauty utilizing open spaces and colonnades. One can admire the decoration of the domed ceiling of the orchestra pit, the historic rooms of the Scrittura and the period Caffè and, above all, the delightful ‘galleria delle bibite’ (drinking hall), with its attractive ceramic-tiled pictures of the seasons of life by Basilio Cascella.

The options for shopping are many. Shops, cafès, discos and parties light up the streets of Montecatini Terme, making it a lively city, real, happening, but never in a hurry.

Visiting the local businesses, buying designer fashion is an enjoyable experience for any visitor.

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