Not just Florence

Staying at the SmArt Hotel Bartolini offers an opportunity to discover Florence, just 45 km away and easily reached by car, bus or train.

Montecatini Terme is considered the city for those who want a relaxing way to visit Florence.

Thinking about Florence, one wonders whether it is a city of art or a work of art?

The Florentine historic city centre encloses a great treasure of works of art making it impossible to distinguish the city from its masterpieces. Florence was recognized by Unesco as a centre of cultural heritage, for this reason:

from the ‘roman square’ in the area of the Piazza della Repubblica to the narrow and impenetrable streets of the medieval city, and finally to the splendours of the fifteenth century palace of Palazzo Pitti and the transformations of Florence as a capital city, it is possible to retrace the whole history of the city. Furthermore, the concentration of such a rich and valuable artistic and historic heritage – but also scientific and naturalistic – in a space as defined and limited as that of the historic centre, makes the city of Florence unique and precious not only to the eyes of curious visitors but also to those who study it and live here. Extraordinarily beautiful churches, museums and collections of art, historic gardens, squares, streets, ancient palaces: Florence can be defined quite reasonably as an open air museum, not simply a repository of masterpieces but a masterpiece itself (…)

1 – Montecatini Terme

2 – The Spas and Well Being

3 – Montecatini Alto

4 – La Valdinievole

5 – Pistoia

6 – Museums Sport Nature

7 – Events in Tuscany

8 – Outlets in Tuscany

But from the SmArt Hotel Bartolini you can easily reach other Tuscan cities of art.


Lucca, for example, is only 36 km away. It is one of the jewels of Tuscany and you can’t beat a visit there for its artistic beauty and evocative atmosphere. To visit Lucca is to immerse yourself in the narrow streets of one of the best preserved historic centres. Walking on the historic city walls, seeing the Torre Guinigi, the beautiful Via Fillungo, the Duomo, the oval Piazza Anfiteatro, and the ‘hundred churches’ are all experiences not to be missed. From the SmArt Hotel Bartolini, being near to Lucca, you can also take part in the events taking place there: Lucca Comics & Games, the Summer Festival etc.

Pisa, is only 54 km away and thanks to its leaning tower is one of the best-known places in the world. Pisa is a city that hosts treasures of inestimable value making it one of the most important Italian cities of art. If offers visitors the unique scene of Miracle Square (a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1987). A cultural centre with its university, Pisa also has all the charm of being part of the Maritime Republic.


Staying at the SmArt Hotel Bartolini you can easily visit San Gimignano (65 km), the famous medieval town of beautiful towers in the heart of the Tuscan countryside in the province of Siena. Not far from here is Vinci (25 km), the birth place of the great Leonardo. Then you can visit the beautiful medieval fortress at Montecarlo di Lucca (10 km), a village founded in 1333 by the future emperor Charles IV of Bohemia, who had a strategic role in the 15th century wars between Lucca, Pisa and Florence. From this hill top the famous Castruccio Castracani conquered Florence.

Prato has a beautiful historic centre easily reached from the SmArt Hotel Bartolini; here you will discover a beautiful Duomo, villas of the Medici family, the Castle but also the Luigi Pecci centre of contemporary art.

The seaside at Versilia, with Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi, is only forty minutes by motorway. It’s easy to go for a swim in the summer and return in the evening to the SmArt Hotel Bartolini.

Adding it all up you can think of SmArt Hotel Bartolini as your refuge for getting to know all of Tuscany and not just Florence.

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