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SmArt Hotel Bartolini 04

In a world where everything has to be paid for, the SmArt Hotel Bartolini opens its doors to photographers, painters and sculptors to exhibit their work for free within the hotel.

Nowadays, it can be very hard for artists to exhibit their work. The SmArt Hotel Bartolini believes that art is not just for museums, but the joy of creative expression which needs to be experienced. Montecatini Terme itself is an eclectic city of art that has historically put beauty at the core of its existence. A ‘young’ artist can find a space at the SmArt Hotel Bartolini to make their work visible to others. In addition to the physical space of a temporary exhibition, the artist will be reviewed on the hotel web-site.

To participate, one only needs to send us an email with contact details, a brief description of the artist and their work, attaching a photo of the work to be displayed.

The SmArt Hotel Bartolini will reply promptly to the artist after having evaluated the proposal and the space available, with a proposal for the dates of the exhibition.

Guests at the SmArt Hotel Bartolini will be able to see the permanent exhibition of art, creative games, artistic reproductions and also enjoy the creativity of this temporary exhibit.

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