2019 Leonard da Vinci

2019 is the Anniversary of 500 years from the death of Leonardo Da Vinci,the big scientist and artist all over the world envy us.

To celebrate this event demonstration, exhibitions and representation are been organized.

Staying at SmArt Hotel Bartolini will help you to discover Tuscany thanks to the Genius’ Look.

What we recommend to you?

Day 1 – Leonardo and Vinci, the place were he was born

From SmArt hotel Bartolini you can easily reach Vinci (21 km; 30 minutes by car or Bus) or Leonardo’s House in Anchiano (24 km;37 minutes by car)

Leonardo da Vinci spent his childwood here before to move to Florence in 1469.

Leonardo da Vinci was born 15 April 1492 from a family composed of an Unknown Mother and a wellkonwn father (Ser Piero) but his grandparents and his uncle raised him.

What to see and do?

Birthplace of Leonardo in Anchiano (3 km from Vinci)

The birthplace of Leonardo is situated in Anchiano, only 3 km from Vinci.

In this simple country house Leonardo was born 15 April 1492.

The museum site is made up of His Birthplace and the nearest farmhouse.

In his Birthplace,the work on Leonardo’s house has produced a new museum display, which deploys the latest multimedia technology to offer a very“special”meeting with Leonardo and to present his paintings and drawings.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology it will be possible to see and interact with The Last Supper; using the same application, a reconstruction of Gioconda will shortly be completed. And finally, the visitor will be able to appreciate Leonardo’s famous paintings thanks to the Leonardo Touch application which holds digital reproductions of Leonardo’s works.

The house in Anchiano is the ideal starting-point to reach Vinci by car or on foot throught a route called the Green Route

BIRTHPLACE OF LEONARDO : Road of Anchiano, 50059 Vinci (FI). TEL.0571 933248,

Walking through the Green Route

The Green Route is the route Leonardo did every day to go from the town to his house.

LENGTH: 1800 meters (from the center of Vinci to his birthplace);

TYPE OF ROUTE: walk and bike;

TYPE OF STREET: dirt road and asphalt road;

DIFFICULTY: easy with medium gradients;

DESCRIPTION: The route goes from Vinci to the birthplace of Leonardo in Anchiano. It starts on the north part of Vinci, on the asphalted street . In this place we can see the Mulino della Doccia, mentioned by Leonardo in Codice Atlantico. It continues going up to

the Vineyards of Vinci. On this route is possible to see the artistic Park Acquaria, Mulino della Doccia, the village of Leano or the exhibition “Leonardo – Una mostra impossibile” in Villa Ferrale.

Vinci and Leonardo’s Museum

The museum is composed of 3 nearest places in Vinci: Palazzina Uzielli,Castello dei Conti Guidi and Villa Ferrale.

In the museum of Leonardo you can see many works from all his interests: technology, architecture, science, painting.

LEONARDO’S MUSEUM IN VINCI: Piazza dei Guidi, 50059 Vinci FI, Telephone: +390571 933285,

Day 2- Leonardo and Florence

From SmArt Hotel Bartolini you can easily reach Florence by train. In 50 minutes you can reach the center of Florence to discover Leonardo.

Ser Piero, Leonardo’s Father, was the notary in Palazzo del Podestà (now Museo del Bargello between Proconsolo Road and Ghibellina Road)and he bought a house in Borgo de’ Greci in 1469, where he lived with his son. From 1469 to 1470 Leonardo worked in Andrea del Verrocchio’s shop, one of the most important shop of that years.

From 29 October to 20 January 2019 in Uffizi there is the exhibition of Codice Leicester of Leonardo (Bill Gates propriety) together with the art of Leonardo. The Codice’s pages are visible thanks to an innovative technology.

In room 15 you can see the beautiful Annunciazione of Leonardo and Battesimo di Cristo painted in collaboration with Verrocchio. The hand of Leonardo is visible in the kneeling angel.

In Galleria Palatina of Palazzo Pitti and in Museum of Bigallo are exposed workshop works of Leonardo and in Gabinetto Disegni and stampe of Uffizi are exposed drawings and sketches.

In Road dei Servi 66 R, in Florence we suggest to see the museum of Leonardo. Here you can find war machines and flight projects.

Leonardo Da Vinci machines are displayed at Museum le Macchine di Leonardo da Vinci, situated in street Cavour 21.

More than 50 models are displayed in four rooms: the largest one is dedicated to civil machines, in the second room flying machines are shown, war machines are to be found in the third and in the fourth the recently developed collection of anatomical models can be admired.

From 8 March to 14 July in Palazzo Strozzi will be the exhibition of Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo (Daily including holidays 10.00-20.00-Thursdays 10.00-23.00).

The exhibition brings together for the first time the superb master pieces of Andrea del Verrocchio, one of the greatest masters of the Quattrocento, alongside a series of crucially important works by such artists as Pietro Perugino, Domenico Ghirlandaio and his most celebrated pupil, Leonardo da Vinci, the 500th anniversary of whose death falls in 2019.

If the forecasts are good we invite to visit Fiesole: Fiesole is mentioned in Leonardo’s Codex on the Flight of Birds. In Fiesole,Leonardo purchased two plots of agricultural land and a stone quarry near the Oratory of Sant’Apollinare. The nearby Montececeri is another of Leonardo’s Tuscan places: from the top of this hill, Leonardo made his first attempt at human flight. Legend has it that Zoroastro da Peretola, the illegitimate son of a member of the Rucellai family, a young apprentice of Leonardo in Milan and in Florence, tried to fly from Montececeri, falling headlong.

Day 3 – Montecatini Alto and Valdinievole

The first work of Leonardo with firm date, 5 August of 1473, is Paesaggio con Fiume, in Uffizi Gallery. It show his cure for the description of the reality and nature.

Recently studies have been able to show “paesaggio con fiume del 5 agosto 1473” represents the landscape of Valdinievole , with Montecatini Alto.

On the left we find Montecatini Alto, with 7 towers that made up the wall and on the center the marshy zone. On the bottom the thermal zone, on the right Grotta Maona and hills.

In Montecatini Alto, Pro Loco in collaboration with the Foundation will organize these events ( from April to October):

  • MACC (Civic center) A multi medial site made up of interactive touch screen with stages and video about Leonardo Da Vinci. Touch screen will be in italian and english and the video in italian with english subtitles.
  • Exhibition of little prototypes of Machines Project by Leonardo.
  • Inside of ROCCA there will be an outdoor exhibition of natural size prototypes of Machines Project by Leonardo and made by the company Niccolai in Florence.

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